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MVP for a personal time tracking app

Tita of Data
3 min readApr 19, 2021

In my previous article, I talked about my pain points with the existing time monitoring apps. I finally found an offline-first mobile time tracking app that fits my needs but still ran into a certain level of customization.

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Here’s the user story:

You just got hired and got a new role at another company. Pros: flexible hours. Cons: there are meetings set at midnight (due to difference in time zone with you and your direct reports, e.g. C-level, management, etc)…and worse, you are a morning person. Even worse, you’re in the middle of a pandemic, the line between work and life is becoming ever more blurred, you’re not really sure if you’re still in control of your time or is your time controlling you…

In order to adjust to your new schedule, you want to track your time everyday and see which routine works best for you and which don’t.

That said, here’s how I would improve timetrack:

I have already reached out to the developers and offered my services to make this happen. Here’s the feature request list that I sent:


  • box plot of each “type” in hours so users can see the distribution of the # of hours they spend for each type and easily compare (just include min, max, mean and median, no need to add percentiles)
  • weekly (7-day) stacked bar chart where x-axis = monday, Tuesday, wednesday, etc
  • time series analysis / line chart (month range, per day granularity) to see how total # of hours spent on an activity changed (1) over a month and (2) over the last 24 hours
  • ability to rate a specified date range / daily report with 1–5 stars, right before the user prompt for “Comments” so users can see their behavior (which activity they spent more time on, which they didn’t spend enough time on, which timeslots / routines worked best, which did not) during high rated days vs low rated days


• bar chart race where you’d be able to watch a bar chart stats of your tracked time since the time you started on aTimelogger or within a specified date range

  • there’s still room for improvement when it comes to the aesthetics / layout of the UI

If you could find apps with the features I described, please hit me up! Or, if you’re a developer and want to turn this into reality, let’s collaborate!

Major update

The developer of aTimeLogger (now, replied to the feature requests and responded with the ff:

  1. Check successor app — . You can sign in with atimelogger account and continue logging time features:

  • custom fields. You can create field that you can assign to activities. There is no way to build report query like ‘where field value > ?’ but its easy to build it later in csv
  • stacked barchart

2. The developer also asked me for advice for integrating ML to predict a variable on the app. Of course, being me, I offered my services for data consultation (because I’m totally geeking out with this product!)

From timetrack, I saw a lot of likeminded people (most likely, product nerds as well) discussing feature requests on the app’s forum. I’m so glad I reached out!