Designing a logo for a startup

For Terraza Data, we used and first to look for inspiration for the logo design. What we were sure about was our brand story.

terraza data logo brief

Here are some of the logo inspiration we had initially:

After this, we enlisted the services of Cai Visuals. Here are some of the initial designs proposed:

logomark studies
the terraza data story
gaussian distribution = mountains

In the end, we chose the simple railing by majority voting in the team.

mock slogan

We were also given a style guide so we know how to use the logos to go with our overall branding and other pub materials.

Here’s where we downloaded the free commercial fonts:

  1. fontsquirrel
  2. coloros

See how we used the logo on our website. Terraza Data is also on LinkedIn!



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Tita of Data | Product | Data | IoT | Automation | Decision Science

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