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  • Luxi Huang, CFA

    Luxi Huang, CFA

    Product & Growth Leader ($0M-$70M+ ARR); reader, skier, forever learner, wife.

  • Axel Wittmann

    Axel Wittmann

    Co-founder and CTO at http://epiloge.com — interested in all things tech, startups and cultural changes in society

  • Kevin Steigerwald

    Kevin Steigerwald

    Building product at @jamasoftware. Former co-founder of @usenotion.

  • Anastasia


    Data Scientist who believes everyone should know how to use and analyse data. Working in fintech, living in Stockholm.

  • Dimas Hadiyan Adiluhung

    Dimas Hadiyan Adiluhung

    Data Man

  • Julie Zhuo

    Julie Zhuo

    Currently: Inspirit. Former Product Design VP @ FB. Author of The Making of a Manager https://amzn.to/2PRwCyW. Find me @joulee. I love people, words, and food.

  • Shekhar


    Team Incubator, Pragmatic Data Scientist, Software Architect , Amateur Product Manager, Geek, Hacker, Father, Hardware Tinkerer

  • Paul Smalera

    Paul Smalera

    Founding Editor in Chief of Marker, a new Medium publication about business. Formerly at Fast Company, Quartz, The New York Times, Fortune, and others.

  • Conor O'Sullivan

    Conor O'Sullivan

    Data Scientist | Writer | Houseplant Addict | I write about Interpretable ML, Explainable AI, Algorithm Fairness and Data Exploration | New article every week!

  • Josh Cottrell-Schloemer

    Josh Cottrell-Schloemer

    Building data-focused products. Startups acquired=1. Hobby = making Google Data Studio & Excel beautiful.

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