Using IFTTT to Track Habits

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  1. Haven’t exercised as much as I want to (only went out to bike 15 minutes maximum, 2 times a week)
  2. Haven’t meditated and written in a journal as much as I want to (I hate to admit this but I’ve spent way too much time in the morning checking LinkedIn and emails, so this team coco vid resonates with me on a spiritual level)
  3. Haven’t spent time on personal Learning & Development as much as I want to (my #100DaysOfCode streak got broken and I have worked on online courses instead in short bursts)
  1. Wake up → take a half bath shower → brush → hang towel to dry → wear night gown → meditate (the cue is wearing the night gown)
  2. After meditating, take of night gown and change clothes → write at least 2 sentences on journal (the cue is changing clothes)
  3. Around 11:30am when I could sense that lunch is almost ready, I would put on my socks and sneakers → play the home workout vid (30 minutes) → exercise (the cue is wearing sneakers)
IFTTT for healthy habits:
Track number of work hours with a button press
Pressing on the sheet icon triggers the creation of a row



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Tita of Data | Product | Data | IoT | Automation | Decision Science

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